Billing & Reporting

Ads billing and payment are made when you place a new ad. The ad will run until it expires. At this time, manual renewal is required to continue the ad campaign.

When you place an ad, you can specify which section or module of our site is to be used. The pricing for an ad location is based on traffic and popularity. You can see the pricing information by creating a new ad in your account area.

Our Reporting shows you the number of impressions and clicks for each ad. We encourage you to use a landing page for each ad to register the ad response so that you can measure the conversion rate.

You can also use Google Analytics to compare the results. Beware that the numbers may not always match because of how the two reporting systems work.

What about refund? Sorry we do not provide any refund because there are many factors involved in an ad campaign, including banner design and type of message. We do not guarantee results but will do our best to help you benefit from our ads service.