How It Works

Our ads service is by subscription. You have the option to place one or more banners, and the ads will be seen by tens of thousands of people on our site. Some example banner ads are as follows:

You can advertise on any site, however, our site offers you high-quality prospects. When you ads match our site contents, you are almost guaranteed to have a high conversion rate. At the least, you get the right people to consider your offerings.

You pick where on our site to have the ads displayed and how long the ads will run. Different campaigns can be run so that you can test the results to see which ones work best for you.

To sign up, log into your user account and go to Site Postings. Then click on Advertising to start creating a new ad. You have full control over how the ads are run. Your ads can be paid using credit card and/or other payment options provided.

Once we approve your ad, it will be displayed on our site immediately. Your ads reach an audience that would be most interested in your offerings. They can click on the ads to go to your site or a landing page for more info. You can then sell them whatever you want.